Stock Update

We have now been registered for VAT and are now able to import VAT rated products. It has been a long wait but we now have sweets, biscuits, chocolate and snacks back in stock. Of course we have the ever popular Super Dickmann’s in stock and even a new limited edition Lemon Cheese Cake Super Dickmann’s! So grab this limited edition whilst stock last!

We would like to thank all our loyal customers for their patience as we try to navigate the new regulations that both Brexit and Covid have brought us.

Also, due to an issue with our website we believe that anybody who subscribed to a product may not have received an email. We can only apologise and suggest that you look on the site to see if it is now in stock.

2 thoughts on “Stock Update”

    1. Hi Karl
      Unfortunately we don’t currently stock this.
      We do however Stock the Kühne Potato Salad Dressing as well as a Salat Krönung specifically for Potato Salad.
      Thank You

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